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          Richard J Kinch, PhD

          Products and Services

          • Optical engineeringdesign and fabrication for scientificand medical research.
          • Electrical and computer engineering.
          • Mechanical engineering and metrology for scientific instrumentation.
          • TrueTeX,a professional implementation of the TeX typesetting system for Windows.

          • TrueTeX 4.1 version update details.

          • TurboTeX, the classic, best-sellingimplementation of TeX for UNIX, DOS, and Windows.

          • Expert Linux consulting.

          • Bezier distance plotBezier curve expertise for computer graphics,including software and consulting on planar constructive geometry.Essays on topics of Bezier curve intersection and motif classification.

          • The ttf_edit TrueType font table editoravailable for free during a limited timeto persons willing to serve as beta testers.NOTE: The ttf_edit tool provides you aprogramming language to edit, import, and exportencodings, names, and metrics in TrueType fonts.It is a language-based (not graphical) tool, and is not concerned withthe glyph shapes themselves.Look over the TTF_EDIT Users Guidefirst to see if this software something you can understand and use,then send a message to kinch@truetex.comsimply stating (1) that you would like a copy,and (2) a one-sentence summary of your application.You will receive an e-mail reply containing a uuencoded ZIP file withversions for Windows and Linux.

          Free Downloads (Sales and Support)

          • Release notes for the current release of TrueTeX([PDF file 320 KB]),including updating instructions and a bug list.

          Free Downloads (for TeX Experts)

          • The TrueTeX Times Option: Using Times Fonts with TrueTeX:[timesopt.pdf, 315 KB PDF file],Describes how TrueTeX uses Windows Times New Roman and Belleek mathTrueType fonts to typeset text and mathematics, with output to eitherPDF files or direct DVI previewing/printing.Thus, TeX documents may be converted to PDF files in a Times style(using the standard LaTeX mathtime.sty package), insteadof less-portable DVI files using Computer Modern fonts.This document illustrates a wide variety of sample equations in TeX,showing their pleasing appearance in the Times Math style, and is itself a sample TeX-to-PDF document created by TrueTeX.

          • UM Fonts:[um.zip,349 KB ZIP file],9 TrueType fonts in Windows ANSI encoding providing TeXtypefaces for non-TeX applications.The file names areumb10.ttf, umbx10.ttf, umbxsl10.ttf, umbxti10.ttf, umitt10.ttf,umr10.ttf, umsltt10.ttf, umti10.ttf, and umtt10.ttf.Updated September, 2005 to permit installable embedding.

          • Belleek: A Call for METAFONT Revival[PDF file],a paper presented at the 1998TeX Users Group Annual Conference, Torun, Poland.Accompanying software: the Belleek fonts[ZIP archive],public-domain Type 1 and TrueType fonts which are drop-inreplacements for the proprietary fontsused by the LaTeX mathtime package.(A previous title for this paper was, Developing New Math Fontsfor the Public Domain.)

          • Extending TeX to Unicode[PDF file][ZIP'ped DVI file],a paper presented at the 1996TeX Users GroupAnnual Conference, Dubna, Russia.

          • MetaFog: Converting METAFONT Shapes to Outlines[PDF file, 310 KB][ZIP'ped TeX DVI files, 190 KB][ZIP'ped PostScript file, 202 KB],a popular and award-winning paper presented at the 1995TeX Users Group Annual Conference, St Petersburg, Florida, USA.Accompanying software: cmr10.pfb[ZIP archive],an unhinted Type 1font converted from Knuth's METAFONT sources by MetaFog.

          • An example of Donald Knuth's reward checkin payment for an error discovered in TeX and METAFONT.

          • Font encoding files developer's kit[ZIP archive],a collection of files listing glyph names and code valuesfor various common encodings employed by Windows, Unicode,TeX, Macintosh, etc.Also includes documentation and software for set-theoreticmanipulation via the program joincode.

          • Description of TeX year 2000 (Y2K) issues.

          Office Contact

           Richard J. Kinch, Ph.D.
           7890 Pebble Beach Court
           Lake Worth, Florida 33467 USA
          Telephone    (561) 966-8400
          E-mail    kinch@truetex.com
          World Wide Web    http://www.truetex.com

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